About The Book

Once Upon a time……

Whats the Onion, is a collection of random goffal short stories, with an intricate logic, and life of its own. It is not hard to notice that as a species we are on the verge of extinction. When one tries to find information on who we were it is like we never existed. So I decided it was about time someone tuned Google who we are. About time some one captured a glimpse of our life’s.

All the stories are fictional. If you find likeness in any of the stories, perhaps sober up and read them again.

Select Your chapter

Chapter 1

The White and Black Permutation

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Who’s the Pilot

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

The Howling Fowl

Chapter 6

The Goffal Raps: Mixed race systems of ideas for prolonging life

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

The Useless Colored Thesis

Chapter 9

Mr Jeemy to You

Chapter 10

The Last Goffal Story

Chapter 11

The Hybrid Continuum

Chapter 12



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